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Upsurge your business and attain a strong brand value in the niche of food and kitchen with our help.

Addon Kitchen is a one-of-its-own-kind of kitchen and food blog where you will find a gamut of information related to kitchen utensils, healthy recipes, and food tips. We at Addon Kitchen have laid out everything for food enthusiasts in the form of tips & tricks, kitchen gadgets, and their uses. All the information that is present on our website has undergone vetting.

We are continuously looking to add informative and engaging content that intrigue our readers and also inject some useful knowledge into them. We are fully active on social media as well because we know the potential it holds within itself.

We are presenting you with a golden opportunity to associate with Addon Kitchen. If you have an interesting piece of information related to kitchen, recipes, food tips & tricks, then draft it on a Word document along with copyright-free images or self-clicked images and send it to us via email. We will publish the article on our website with a link back to your business site (if there is any).

How It Will Benefit You

  • Addon Kitchen is among the top-rated websites primarily for kitchen and food niche. Having your article published at our website will give your business a much-needed exposure. With a high rate of organic traffic, you can expect a significant percentage moving onto your website as well.
  • Credibility matters a lot, and our readers acknowledge this thing about us. We always publish content that is credible and based on facts. This is the reason that our readers follow what they read on our website. Your blog is also going to influence readers in a way you can’t even imagine now.

How to Partner

  • We are looking for informative, credible and engaging content.
  • In order to ensure the quality of our website, we at this time are only considering sponsored content written by our in-house writing experts.
  • We will just be requiring information related to your brand in the body of the article with a link pointing back to your website (only if the URL makes sense and is relevant to the sponsored post).
  • There is no need to provide us ideas for the posts/articles, as we love to do it all by our own.
  • The price of a sponsored post/link is $150 (permanent link), which is also non-negotiable.

Here is How You Can Contact Us for the Sponsored Content Association

  1. You can send an email to with the subject line: AddonKitchen Sponsored Content – Your full name. For example: AddonKitchen Sponsored Content - Monica Henin. Reason for having this specific subject line is to overcome spam as we receive a countless number of emails every day and that too, with different subject lines. We consider those as SPAM right away and those emails go straight into your TRASH without a thought.
  2. In the body of the mail, let us know clearly as to why you want to become a partner with us through this sponsored content. Also, provide us with a list of URLs that you want us to include in the sponsored post to be pointed back to your website. Kindly refrain from sending commercial or promotional content as we only accept URLs of informative content.
  3. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, we will contact you and provide you all the details as to when the article is going to get published, how the URL will be mentioned in the article, how to make payment (Via Paypal or Payoneer). Once the article is published, we will notify you via your email ID.

If you agree to all these points, then send us a mail right away and let’s begin with this!