Pit Boss Vs Traeger: Which One Suits You In The Best Way?

Comparison of Pit Boss Vs Traeger pellet grill is the battle between two antagonists, with both having a wide range of features to incite the users.

Traeger is a brand that we associate with excellent barbecued flavors, whereas PitBoss is known for keeping the natural flavors of the food intact.

Both brands are equally promising when it comes to smoking, but, which brand reigns supreme over the other is what we will discuss today.

Reason being, it is not possible for you to buy both smokers, therefore, it becomes important to identify the best pellet grill of the two, which fulfills your needs in the most suitable way.

To help you make a wise decision as to which of these pellet grill brands you should go with, we will provide a succinct comparison between Pit Boss and Traeger.

After going through the comparison, you shall have no doubts regarding the pellet grill you would like to buy.

Representing Pit Boss is a grill that has garnered a lot of appreciation from the BBQ lovers all over the world.

Pit Boss 72700S Pellet Grill With Upgraded Cart is the one that will compete with Traeger pellet grill, which is Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker.

Both products look awesome and are packed with amazing features that will ensure that you get properly cooked and delicious food every time.

Pit Boss Vs Traeger: The Superior Pellet Grill

Pit boss vs traeger

We have tested both products on certain parameters that we thought are important for testing any pellet grill. After testing both products, the clouds of uncertainty have disappeared at all, and we came to know about the better product of the two.

Grill Design and Construction

We will rate Traeger Texas Elite smoker above Pit Boss in terms of construction because it looks sturdier and really is.

Pit Boss grill is good, but a lot could have been done to make it a long-lasting grilling equipment.

Traeger grill is made of non-toxic material and is given the coating of cast-iron grates. This type of construction ensures an uninterrupted cooking from beginning to end.

There is no chance that the food will get stuck on the grill’s firebox, which is made of a top quality material.

Pit Boss grill is not up to the mark and the reason behind it is its flimsy look. The company has tried to replicate the design of its Traeger counterpart, yet there are many things that Pit Boss needs to focus on.

Those cast iron grids with a coating of porcelain look good but are not as efficient as Traeger’s grids.


This is one of those factors, which has the capability of changing the entire decision at once, no matter what you were thinking in the past.

Buying a quality product is everybody’s aim, but in reality, it is the product that fits between the two parameters, i.e., quality and price that people generally look for.

Pit Boss grill is cheaper than Traeger, so if you are interested in buying a smoker that is capable of serving your purpose, i.e., getting BBQ food, then Pit Boss grill is fine for you.

But, if you want to buy a grill that is fuel-efficient, and get the job done in an excellent manner, then you won’t mind paying a bit more for the product.

If you want a better product, then go for Traeger, but if you want a cost-efficient product, then Pit Boss is the one for you.

Controller And Temperature Management

Using smoker with digital controls give you a much better control over the machine. From a distant look, it may seem as if both pellet grills have the same controllers, but the reality seems to appear when taken a closer look at both products. Controllers work a lot more precisely in Traeger than in Pit Boss.

Similarly, the temperature maintenance in both pellet grills is different. There are slight deviations in the way the temperature is maintained in both products, but there won’t be any negative effect on the food that is being cooked. But, it is easier to maintain the temperature in Traeger than in Pit Boss.

Grilling Space

This battle has been won by Pit Boss, as it has got that extra 50 sq. Inches of extra space than Traeger.

You will get 646 sq. Inches of grilling space in Traeger, whereas in Pit Boss, the grilling space is 700 sq. Inches, so if you are looking to for a bigger pellet grill, then go for Pit Boss.

Heat Management

There is a substantial difference in heat management of both products, which arise from the fire pot.

The fire pot is situated on the far left side and the cover of the fire port is made of heavy steel heat deflector. Both, fire pot and heat deflector are covered by grease tray that is also made of a solid metal.

Whereas in Pit Boss, the fire pot is in at the center, and there is no heat deflector covering given to the fire pot.

The company has rather placed a dome-shaped metal shield that consists of open slits. If you want to smoke instead of grilling, then a second metal sheet slides over the open slits.

Traeger has used a much better technology for distributing heat, whereas Pit Boss has just placed the most basic type of heat distribution mechanism.


This is another factor that we believe is quite important when it comes to taking a decision on a product like ‘Smoker’ because a smoker is quite susceptible to problems, which may be caused due to fire, food ingredients, and many other things.

If the company is offering a long-term warranty on its products, then it gives a big relief to users.

Now, you will get a 3-year warranty on Traeger grill, which is a lot better than Pit Boss, which only offers a one-year warranty.

Usually, a pellet grill performs excellently in the first year of operation, so the warranty given by Pit Boss on its grill will not be much of a help.

On the other hand, a 3-year warranty given by Traeger is good enough to attract customers to its side.

Though we aren’t jumping to any conclusion and declaring Traeger a winner, this can be a good weighing scale.

Pit Boss Vs Traeger: Who Wins The Battle?

Pit Boss Vs Traeger is always going to be a tough battle, and it ends up like that only. But, who won, who lost was not our motive.

Our motive was to put you, the customer in a better position where you can easily decide as to which pellet grill would suit you the best.

Surely, Traeger has an upper hand over Pit Boss, but if again, if Pit Boss fulfills your requirements, and then there is no need to spend $120-$150 for Traeger grill. If you need a bigger grill with much better controls and heat management system, then Traeger is the brand for you.

I Recommend Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker If:

pit boss vs traeger
  1. You want a durable pellet grill with a big grill space and excellent efficiency.
  2. You wish to cook different types of food by keeping all the natural flavors of the food intact.
  3. You are looking for a smoker that can fulfill your requirement of cooking large amounts of food at one time, then this grill will be a great option for you.
  4. You want a smoker with excellent heat management system so that you don’t have to worry about your food getting burned.

I Recommend Pit Boss 72700s Pellet Grill If:

pit boss vs traeger
  1. You are looking for decent BBQ results, plus it has the ability to keep the natural flavors of food intact.
  2. You are fond of naturally smoked food, then Pit Boss grill is well suited for you.
  3. You are living in a big family or looking to have a smoker for a restaurant or hospital, then Pit Boss grill will do the job for you, as it has got a bigger grill space, i.e., 700 sq. inches.

It all depends on you and your requirements so analyze both products diligently and then, make the right decision.

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