My name is Monica Henin and I’m a food expert. I have been into food business for past 7 years and in this time span, I have discovered a wide range of cuisines throughout the world. I’m a traditional South-east Asian woman who loves to cook regional and seasonal food, but I’m always ready to experiment with ingredients from different parts of the world. Living in Chicago, IL has given me a great opportunity to try out different cuisines in the comfort of my own city. Chicago is a city where people from different countries and ethnic groups, which helps me explore new flavors.

Monica Henin

Association with AddonKitchen

AddonKitchen came into inception because I was looking for a one-stop place where I can pour all my ideas, let it be related to different cuisines, ingredients, kitchen utensils and cooking styles. I take pride while sharing that AddonKitchen has perfectly lived up to my expectations because it is exactly the same what I was looking for in the first place.

As a founder of the brand, I feel extremely satisfied with the present stature of AddonKitchen. To cater to the needs of the readers, constant updates have been made to the website by me personally. I’m the main editor of the website and all the content that is published on the website goes through the strict quality procedure.

You will find content based on different niches, from kitchen gadgets to healthy recipes and from the preparation of recipes to food tips. A gamut of information related to what happens in the kitchen has been covered in a very unique and attractive way only at AddonKitchen.

How to Contribute to Addon Kitchen

I welcome all ideas that could add value to AddonKitchen, whether it is in the form of comments on articles, feedbacks and reviews, guest posts and other methods. The main motive is to render useful information to the readers in an easy-to-understand way. I thank all my readers for being so supportive for all these years with a hope that the support will remain as it is in the future as well. Again, thank you for being an integral part of AddonKitchen family and always keep in touch for new and interesting information.